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img 76 Wellesley Road, Napier
New Zealand has moved to the new traffic light system, with Hawke’s Bay now in Orange. City Medical will offering the usual range of services at “Orange” but will be delivering them differently.
  • Patients visiting the clinic are not required to show a vaccine pass (this is against the rules), but will be asked their vaccination status.
  • We will provide the same care to vaccinated and unvaccinated patients alike, but under slightly different conditions with increased PPE for unvaccinated patients and separate waiting areas.  Unfortunately, until vaccinated this must include children under 12 as well.
  • Patients with flu symptoms (regardless of vaccination status) will be asked to wait outside the clinic in their cars and may only be offered a phone or video consultation (note: you can call us arrange this from home) – this is in line with current GP services for people with flu-like illness.
  • Patients with true, life-threatening respiratory illness/fever will be seen as normal.
  • As ever – if you don’t need to physically attend the clinic, please don’t. we are happy to provide health advice, prescriptions, ACC paperwork and off-work certificates electronically or by phone.