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img 76 Wellesley Road, Napier
City Medical has returned to a walk-in service, appointments are no longer needed
  • All emergencies will be accommodated
  • But we are mandated to keep patients distanced, this means we will become “full” very quickly when busy
  • All patients will be screened by a nurse on arrival, some may still need to wait in their cars if well enough to do so
  • We would encourage all people with non-urgent matters (such as routine scripts and sick notes) to contact us by phone – we can arrange a doctor call or online consult for this and it will help us to keep clinic numbers down to maintain flow
  • All patients must wear a mask while at the clinic
There is no Doctor on site after 9pm
  • All patients will see a nurse, but only life threatening cases arriving between 8.15pm and 9pm will see a Doctor, unless at the Doctor’s discretion.  The nurse is happy to discuss alternate arrangements for your healthcare if desired.