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City Medical Limited – Terms of Trade

1. Our standard consultation fees are displayed prominently in the waiting room. Our fees take into account the following factors:

a) the time spent;

b) the complexity of the treatment;

c) the costs of running a medical practice; and

d) the funding available from government, public agencies and other sources.

2. We require payment of our fees before your consultation; please see the reception staff.

3. If payment is not made immediately, we will invoice you and may charge you administration fees in doing so. We may also:

a) charge you interest at our bank’s overdraft lending rate calculated on a daily basis from the date of your consultation until payment; and/or

b) charge you the cost of recovery of the outstanding fees and interest including our legal costs on a solicitor/client basis, any court costs and disbursements, service or collection fees; and/or

c) decline to provide you with further non urgent medical services

4. By choosing City Medical as your health provider, you authorise us to:

a) make enquiries with any previous medical practitioners and health professionals you may have engaged regarding your medical history and you authorise disclosure by those people to us; and

b) make enquiries from time to time with credit agencies regarding your credit history and to release information from time to time to the extent where necessary for the purpose of making such enquiries (and you authorise disclosure by those agencies to us); and

c) disclose any information about your for the purpose of instructing other persons including a debt collection agency to recover any outstanding fees from you; and

d) contact you and/or send your information about how we may assist you by providing medical or health services to you.

5. In this policy:

a) “you” means any patient of City Medical;

b) “we” or “us” and “our” means City Medical