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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, just come on in. The bus stops at the door, and parking is available in the parking lot adjacent to the building.

Do I have to wait a long time?

No. Patients are seen in the order of severity of their condition. At busy times, or if we are dealing with a major life-threatening emergency, there may be a short wait, but usually you are seen fairly promptly.

Do I have to pay?

Yes. City Medical is not part of the public hospital system, so you will be paying similar fees to those that you would pay to your GP. However, several fees are subsidised by the Ministry of Health and/or ACC.

Are there special rates for Children under 6?

Yes. All visits for children aged under 6 years of age are free of charge. 

Are there special rates for Children under 13?

Yes. ACC is fully subsidised so there is no charge for an ACC consultation.  Medical visits for under 13’s however are not subsidised, meaning a co-payment will be required at the time of consultation.