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City Medical is a co-operative company, owned and operated by most of the General Practitioners in the greater Napier area.

Our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, community paramedics, registered nurses and receptionists are all ready to help you.

Chalmers, Dr LaurenTamatea Medical
Cook, Dr JasonCity Medical
Dewe, Dr CelinaTaradale Medical
Eastcott, Dr RichardEastcott Medical
Edwards, Dr AndyCentral Medical
Ennor, Sandra (Nurse Practitioner)City Medical
Fitzgerald, Dr CormacTaradale Medical
Flatt, Dr AnnaTaradale Medical
Gare, Dr BrianCity Medical
Gordon, Dr RachelCarlyle Medical
Habib, Dr HananCarlyle Medical
Hector, Dr JoCity Medical
Henderson, Dr RosemaryTamatea Medical
Henley, Dr PennyTaradale Medical
Hill, Dr CarolineTaradale Medical
Hingorani, Dr RajaCity Medical
Hooper, Dr KeithGreendale Family Health
Hunsinger, Dr IsabelCity Medical
Kelly, Dr ClaudiaCity Medical
Kesy, Dr AgataTamatea Medical
Kirton, Dr ChrisTaradale Medical
Kleinert, Dr LisaGreendale Family Health
Liggins, Dr HamishTamatea Medical
Lowes, Dr DarranTaradale Medical
Lum, Dr KerrynTamatea Medical
McElrea, Dr BethTamatea Medical
Mewe, Dr MaaikeCentral Medical
Miller, Dr JanetCarlyle Medical
Northern, Dr CaitlinCarlyle Medical
Owen, Dr AndyCity Medical
Peterson, Dr MarkTaradale Medical
Piszel, Dr MartaMaraenui Medical
Powell, Dr KerynTaradale Medical
Randall, Dr JoTaradale Medical
Rodgers, Dr DavidTamatea Medical
Saywell, Dr HelenTaradale Medical
Settergren, Dr FrederikMaraenui Medical
Smith, Dr ChristineGreendale Family Health
Smith, Dr DavidGreendale Family Health
Smith, Dr FraserTaradale Medical
Sohnge, Dr HannesMaraenui Medical
Stringer, Dr NadineCentral Medical
Stockwell, Dr SamanthaTaradale Medical
Stubbs, Dr RachaelCarlyle Medical
Stubbs, Dr RichardCarlyle Medical
Tayler, Dr SusannaCentral Medical
Timmis, Dr NickTamatea Medical
Trafford, Dr SaraTamatea Medical
Van der Walt, Dr AlmarieMaraenui Medical
Vanacker, Dr ValerieGreendale Family Health
White, Dr MatthewCarlyle Medical
Wilson, Dr MegGreendale Family Health
Wright, Dr TimCarlyle Medical
Wylie, Dr FionaMaraenui Medical