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Your journey through City Medical will commence with Reception where you will be welcomed, details taken and records opened.

You will then be assessed (triaged) by a registered nurse for the purpose of establishing the level of seriousness of your visit. Naturally, if you are seriously ill or arrive by ambulance, this Reception phase will be handled later.

Once triaged, you will be seen by a doctor, diagnosed and treated . Comprehensive notes will be taken, and electronically forwarded, by secure encrypted methods, to your own General Practitioner. (note – if it is your wish that these notes be NOT sent to your GP then you just advise us of your wishes.)

At the conclusion of your visit, you will be given all of the necessary paper work and will be asked to report back to reception, where payment is expected at that time. Eftpos is available.

If you do not want your file notes to be forwarded to your GP, then please advise us.

Sometimes a patient may wish to have a friend or family member present. Under the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights a consumer is entitled to have one or more support persons of his or her choice present, except where safety may be compromised or another consumer’s rights may be unreasonably infringed.